Reasons and Arguments for celebrating LGBT History Month and/or staging LGBT History Month events

In this fast changing world, education can and should help young people prepare to meet the challenges they will meet now and in the future. Celebrating LGBT History Month provides a vehicle for such preparation in many ways.

  • The lives of young people are shaped by their experiences. Celebrating LGBT History Month can give children and young people the knowledge, understanding, skills and values that they will need if they are to participate fully in ensuring their own and others’ well being.
  • It involves the children, young people, their parents and communities fully in their own learning by using a wide range of activities with participatory learning methods. These methods engage the individual learner while developing self confidence, self esteem and critical thinking skills.
  • Communication, co-operation and conflict resolution can play a large part in the participants experiences of LGBT History Month. The resulting harmony may motivate positive behaviour and achievements across the community.
  • Participative education techniques are powerful tools for making a positive difference in people’s perceptions. Such learning encourages people to care about each other and develop empathy.
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